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A shock in the middle of the night

I travelled with my father to Cilacap by bus last month. We started from Semarang at five in the afternoon. My father told me that it would take six hours. My father and I sat right behind the driver. Soon, I fell asleep. I woke up several times to change my position. I heard father talking with the driver

At half past ten, I woke up. I knew that we were approaching Cilacap, so I decided not to go back to sleep. I saw my father was asleep at that time

The bus sped along in the middle of the night. I was enjoying the lamps along the street through the window next to me when suddenly I saw a cow in front of the bus. The bus driver braked immediately. All the passengers were startled and woke up. The driver assured us that there was no accident. A cow suddenly came out of nowhere and tried to cross the street, but the bus successfully avoided a collision with it. The passengers went back to sleep and our journey continued

1. Where did the writer and his father sit?

2. Why did the bus driver brake immediately

3. When did the accident occurred?

4. What kind of text is it?

5. The tenses mostly used in the text is…

I have two pets. They are a dog and cat. I (12)___ get up early everyday to feed them. I also have to clean them in the morning. I (13) ____ give them chocolate. It’s not good for their bodies. Nowadays, my mum says that I should (14) ____ with them more. They look unhappy

        1. A. don’t have to                                 C. Have to

     B.  Mustn’t                                         D. have

2.  A. mustn’t                                          C. should

      B. Have to                                           D. Must

3.    A. play                                               C. to play

      B.Plays                                              D. playing

This is my new toy, a finger spinner. It is made of plastic and metal. The colour is pink, but the bearing is black. I hold the center part of the spinner and push one of the lobes. It spins can spin for about three minutes. It will slow down before it stops spinning. I like my spinner because it makes me ralax after a long tiring day. I sometimes play spinners with my friends. 
We make a spinner contest. The spinner that spins longest is the winner. It is so much fun.

1.     What is the name of the toy?

2.     For how long can the spinner spin?

3.      Why does the winner like her spinner?

4.      Which spinner wins the spinner contest?

Tsunami is a Japanese word for a sea wave generated by an earthquake or landslide under a sea or an eruption

Most tsunamis happen along the ring of fire. It is a zone of volcanoes and seismic activity. The zone encircles the Pacific  Ocean.

Historically, tsunamis have caused much destruction and death. Since 1819, about 40 tsunamis have struck the Hawaiian island and since 1883, about more than 20 tsunamis have struck Indonesia. The worst happened on December 26, 2004 in Aceh Province and caused over 100,000 people to die.

A tsunami can have the width of 100 to 200 km and may spread far away across the deep ocean. The speed is as fast as a jet plane. When the wave reaches the land it can be very high, which is about 15 m high or more


1.     The text is mainly tells us about…

2.     What kind of text is above?

3.     Tsunami is a Japanese word for a seismic sea … (P.1) The paragraph belong to…

4.     What is the communicative purpose of the text?

5.     The generic structure of the text is …

6.     “Most tsunami is happen along the ring of fire” The underlined word has the same meaning as …

Let’s Bake A Cake


1.     Put two eggs on one side of the scales

2.     Balance the eggs with the sugar

3.     Put the sugar in a bowl

4.     Balance the eggs with the margarine

5.     Mix margarine and sugar together until creamy

6.     Balance the eggs with the flour

7.     Put the flour into the mixture

8.     Crack the eggs and whisk until frothy

9.     Add the eggs to the mixture

10.  Mix together until creamy again

11.  Grease a small round cake tin with some butter

12.  Spoon in the mixture

13.  Place it in a hot oven (1900 C / 3750F)

14.  Bake it for 12 minutes until golden brown

15.  Put some toppings, such as chocolate, sliced fruits or cheese, onto the cake


  • 1.     How  much flour is needed in the recipe?
  • 2.     Before putting in the mixture, what should be done to the tin?
  • 3.     “Crack the eggs and whisk until untilfrothy.” (the 8th step)
  • 4.     What does the underlined word mean?
  • 5.     Which statement is TRUE according to the text?

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