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Definisi Passive Voice

Passive voice means “a passive construction occurs when you make the object of an action into the subject of a sentence.

That is, whoever or whatever is performing the action is not the grammatical subject of the sentence.”

Dari definisi di atas dapat disimpulkan bahwa passive voice subjek kalimat tidak melakukan aksi melainkan menerima aksi.

Misalnya dalam Bahasa Indonesia, kata kerja menjadi berawal di-, seperti: disapu, disetir, dimakan, dan sebagainya.

Hal ini juga berlaku dalam Bahasa Inggris sehigga kata kerja biasanya akan ditambahkan akhiran -ed, -en, -d, -t, -n, atau -ne. Contohnya:

  • Some flowers are planted by my parents.
  • My phone was stolen.

Rumus Passive Voice

Tak hanya mengubah kata kerja saja, passive voice ternyata memiliki rumus yang perlu kamu perhatikan dalam membuat kalimat.

Rumus ini lebih mengutamakan grammar sehingga kamu bisa menyesuaikannya dengan kondisi dan waktu yang kamu alami.

Simple present tense

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + is/am/are + V3. Contoh kalimat:

  • He is beaten by all his competitors.
  • Heart disease is considered the leading cause of death in the United States.
  • I am thrown to the pool last night. 

Simple past 

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + was/were + v3. Contoh kalimat:

  • She was already gone.
  • We were confused by the unclear regulation that was announced on campus.

Simple future

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + will be + v3. Contoh kalimat:

  • It will be made into a nice sweater.
  • The leftover will be eaten by stray cats.
  • My office mate will be placed in another city.

Simple past future

Tense ini memiliki rumus: S + would/should + be + V3. Contoh kalimat:

  • I would be asked first in this job interview.
  • These clothes should be delivered on time to their owner.
  • My desk should be placed in the corner of my room.

Present continuous

Pada tense ini, kamu bisa membentuk kalimat dengan rumus: S + is/am/are + being + V3. Contoh:

  • The tasks are being done by herself.
  • The trophy is being won by our team.
  • Our used clothes are being sold for charity.

Past continuous

Adapun rumusnya adalah s + was/were + being +V3. Contoh:

  • My neighbor’s house was being robbed last night.
  • The trees were being cut every day.
  • She was being lifted by a police officer.

Future continuous

Rumus yang digunakan dalam tense ini adalah s + will be + V3. Contoh:

  • This room will be cleaned at the moment.
  • Those racks will be emptied for some new stuff.
  • My favorite series will be released next summer.

Past future continuous

Rumus yang digunakan dalam tense ini adalah s + would/should + be + V3. Contoh:

  • You should be promoted as a manager.
  • The public pool should be cleaned daily in order to spread the virus.
  • The donut shop near my house should be expanded to get more visitors.

Present perfect continuous

Tense ini memiliki rumus s + have/has + been + V3. Contoh:

  • She has been betrayed by her own best friend.
  • The grass has been mowed by the automatic mowing machine.
  • The journal has been translated into 6 different languages.

Past perfect continuous

Tense ini memiliki rumus s + had + been + V3. Adapun contoh kalimatnya adalah:

  • The children had been educated well by their mother.
  • I had been deceived so many times when I was with him.

Future perfect continuous

Untuk menggunakan tense ini, ada rumus yang perlu diperhatikan yaitu s + would + have + been + v3. Adapun contoh kalimatnya adalah:

  • The computer would have been hacked if they didn’t set up the new security systems.
  • These fruits would have been rotten.
  • Those patients would have been treated.

Past future perfect continuous

Tense ini memiliki rumus s + would/should + have + been + V3. Contoh kalimatnya adalah:

  • She should have been married to a doctor.
  • The fire would have been gone if the firefighter came on time.
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