Materi Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP Kelas 7,8 dan 9


Materi Bahasa Inggris


Semester Pertama

  1. Greetings and Leave Takings (salam dan perpisahan)
  2. Expressing Gratitude (Ungkapan terima kasih)
  3. Expressing Apologize (Ungkapan permintaan maaf)
  4. Grammar : To Be (is, am, are, was, were dan was) 
  5. Grammar : To have (Have Has, and had)
  6. Possessive Pronoun (kata ganti)
  7. Days and Months (hari dan bulan)
  8. Telling Time (waktu/jam)
  9. Descriptive Text about ourself ( Teks Dekritif untuk Menjelaskan Diri)
  10. Family ( Keluarga)
  11. Profession (Pekerjaan)
  12. Article a, an, dan the (Artikel a, an, the)
  13. Simple Present Tense 
  14. Animals (Hewan)

Semester Kedua

  1. Things at School (Benda yang ada di sekolah)
  2. Things at Home (Benda yang ada di rumah)
  3. Buildings (Bangunan)
  4. WH Question (Pertanyaan WH)
  5. There is / There are (Penggunaan are and is)
  6. Adjective (kata sifat)
  7. Descriptive Text (Teks deskripsi)
  8. Preposition Time and Place (kata penghubung Time dan tempat)
  9. Instruction (intruksi)
  10. Expressing Warning  (Mengepresikan Peringatan)
  11. Verb (kata kerja)
  12. Simple Short Song Texts (Teks Lagu Pendek Sederhana)
  13. Isentification Song (Identifikasi Lagu)

Kelas 8 SMP

Semester Pertama

  1. Asking and Giving Attention
  2. Checking the understanding
  3. Showing Appreciation/Compliments
  4. Telling something what we think/Opinion
  5. Stating Capability
  6. Stating Willingness
  7. Asking and giving suggestion
  8. Stating Obligation Expression
  9. Expression of Invitation
  10. Giving Instruction/Imperative
  11. Asking and Giving Permission
  12. Greeting Card
  13. Vocabulary on the road
  14. There is  and there are 
  15. Materi Existence of things and people
  16. Quantifier

 Semester Kedua

  1. My Uncle Is A Zoo Keeper (Simple Present Tense)
  2. What Are You Doing? (Present Continuous Tense/Progressive Tense)
  3. Bigger Is Not Always Better (Degrees Of Comparison)
  4. When I Was A Child (Simple Past Tense)
  5. Yes, We Made It! (Recount Text) 
  6. Don’t Forget It, Please! (Short Message And And Notice) 
  7. We Got A Lot Of Histories Song (One Direction, History)

Kelas 9 SMP

Semester Pertama 

  1. Congratulation! (Congratulation and hope/wis)
  2. Let’s live a healthy life! (Purpose/intention: to, in order to, so that, agreement, disagreement)
  3. Be healthy, be happy! (Label)
  4. This is how you do it (Procedure text)
  5. Everybody is in the middle of something (Present continuous,Past continuous, dan future continuous)
  6. We have been to an orphan home. We went there last Sunday (Present perfect tense)

 Semester Kedua

  1. Sangkuriang (Teks Naratif)
  2. They are made in Indonesia (Passive Sentence)
  3. What is it? (Report)
  4. Come and visit us! ( Iklan /Advertisement)
  5. You can always come back home (Lirik lagu)
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