Kisi-Kisi Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas VIII

Materi pembelajaran Pelajaran Bahasa inggris kelas VIII semester Ganjil

Asking For attention
Teacher  : Attention please !                 
Student   : Yes, sir                                           
Teacher   : I'am going to give you the schedule of our trip to sabang                                    
Student   : Horeee                                 
Teacher   : May I have your attention please
Student    : Shhhh!                                             
Mr. Ben    : Thank you, here is the schedule. one just for each of you                 
Student    :Thank you sir.

Checking Others Undestanding

Andi :English is easy to learn.
Putri :Do you understand what I'm saying ?
Andi : No I dont .How about you? Do you understand  about this? 
Putri : yes I do

Asking for Opinion

Reza : What do you think about my new hairstyle? Am I beautiful with it ?
Riza : I think you are beautiful with it
Reza: And you are so beautiful too, Riza
Riza : Thank my twin

Modal Auxilary

Can : Showing Ability
May : Asking Permission
Will  : Willingness

Instruction And Prohibition

Open the window, please
Close the door

Report Text

Sport is very useful for our healthy.There are a lot of sport we can do.The populer sports in our country  are badminton, football, boxing, volleyball ,swimming,etc.Sometime we need money to do sports,but sometimes we donot money to do them.Not all people have enough money to spend the sports.There are some cheap sports such as a jogging, running and walking. All people can do jogging, running and walking without spending a lot of money.These sports are very good for young and old people. Moreover people can do them everywhere and every time they like. If we do jogging running and walking regularly, we will be fresh and healthy all the time.There are some sports we can do in a team such as football,basketball,volleyball,etc.While swimming,high jumping,long jumping ar done individually.

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